Summer Swim Sessions

Summer session begins Monday July 4th

Monday 7:00-8:15 AM
Tuesday 7:30-8:30 PM

Wednesday 7:00-8:15 AM
Friday 7:00-8:15 AM
Sat 2:00-3:00 PM Open water – the time on this session has changed due to demand


  • $30 per week (any two workouts)
  • $40 per week (any three workouts)
  • $20 drop-in (pool)
  • $10 drop-in open water

Sign up:
I will take payment and registration on deck before practice.


  • There is street parking on the south side of Gerrard after 7 AM.  It is okay to arrive a couple of minutes late if you need to park.
  • I am hoping to have large groups for the open water swim to help prepare for mass starts/crowding during tri swims. These are mainly fitness-based sessions with an open water Time Trial every 3-4 weeks. Some skill work will be integrated into each session.
  • You don’t need an MSO number to swim with the TTSC during the summer.
  • You can pay by the workout, by the week or by the month. Whatever works best for you.
  • No, I won’t mind if when it rains at Summerville, you come swim at Riverdale.
  • Workouts will be designed to accomodate those who only want to swim for 1 hour, ending at 8:00 AM.
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