Swim Club

In both my coaching practice and my own competitions, I understand that stoke efficiency and swim fitness are the areas where improvements can have the biggest payoff.

My swim coaching always includes stroke drills and I frequently run clinics that focus exclusively on proper stroke and how to improve it.

There are several swim improvement options offered.

One-on-One Swim Coaching
Stroke analysis and  improvement  cost $100 (does not include facility fees)

Team Atomica Swim Club
2 locations:
Riverdale Collegiate Pool, 1094 Gerrard Street, Toronto
Harbord Collegiate, 286 Harbord Street, Toronto
25m, fully equipped, grade A pool.
Mandate:  The TASC is a triathlon and open water focused swim fitness program. 
Workouts cover 2km-4km and consist of 10-30% specific drill and technique work.


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